Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

There are many so-called “roofing companies” in the area. To protect your family and your largest investment, here are five questions to ask potential roofing contractors, BEFORE YOU HIRE. 1. Are you licensed in this area? According to the Evansville Building Commission, “A building permit is required for all new buildings, additions, or structural alterations […]

Locally Owned Cleaning Company A Smarter Choice For Evansville Community And Value

More Personalized Service Working with locally Evansville owned businesses demonstrates that you care about your community, along with the businesses and people that comprise it. We continually strive to be better than our large, corporate, franchised, competitors. We recognize that our customers have good options for the services we provide. Consequently, we endeavor to be […]

Upright Cleaning & Restoration Working After Hours in Evansville Indiana

Here at Upright Cleaning & Restoration we strive to accommodate business with their needs. We work around their schedule and whats best for them and their customers. Cleaning carpets in your business is important for many reason and having a locally owned business to clean your property has other advantages in itself. Some of the […]

Identifying and Fixing Mold in your Crawlspace

Normally, indoor mold is not problematic until mold spores begin growing in moisture-rich environments. Throughout the Midwestern United States, crawlspaces tend to provide the ideal conditions and environment for mold to proliferate. This mold can then spread to other home areas via spores, eventually becoming visible.  The following are the most common causes of mold […]

Scotchguard Protectant for carpet, sofas, and upholstered furniture.

Upright Cleaning Offers Scotchguard Protection Services Clients frequently ask us about this product and we can’t recommend it enough. Scotchguard, a 3M product, is the most recognized brand of protectant for carpet, sofas, and upholstered furniture. The proper application of Scotchguard should not change the look or feel of carpets and rugs, while serving as […]

Get the Carpet Cleaning Value You Are Paying For

It is not uncommon for carpet cleaning companies to sell you steam cleaning, but provide an inferior service. Similar to the recently unearthed scandal involving millions of not-so-green diesel engines, consumers are susceptible to chicanery and misrepresentation from carpet cleaning companies as well. To Get the Carpet Cleaning Value You Are Paying For, stay informed. Not […]